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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Drake's Downfall Chapter Two Part Two

Drake could not take the noise from the drawing room any longer. Had he not had an engagement with Lord Wellsey, maybe he would have been a little more tolerant of his errant brother this morning.

“For god’s sake Charles, this house is not a brothel and I would appreciate it if you would not treat it as such.” Drake boomed, storming into the drawing room. The sound of a loud pop met his ears and he shuddered. His cock twitched and lust ran red-hot through his veins. If he didn’t bed Georgetta soon he would be libel to go mad.

“Come now, dear brother. You’ve never objected to my little parties before. What has changed?” Drake’s eyes were riveted on the scene before him. A scantily clad Kitty sat astride his naked brother, rocking back and forth and her bare breasts tantalisingly close to his willing mouth. His eyes half closed in ecstasy, Charles thrust upward, holding her in place and withdrew until only the head was nestled in her tight warm channel, his cock and balls glistening with Kitty’s juices.

Drake licked his lips, his erection growing by the second. Kitty wriggled and whimpered for Charles to plunge into her. He did so with a forceful jab of his hips and she screamed out her pleasure. Drake balled his hands into fists. His cock grew painfully hard. He did not see Kitty and Charles before him, but Georgetta and himself.

He closed his eyes to dismiss the vision, only to have it intensify. Georgetta’s scent assailed him and mingled with raw sex. He imagined her body, warm and lush - riding him hard and enticing him the way no other female had. Her full hips and substantially luscious ass would cushion their combined strokes. Her large, firm breasts would fill his hands to over flowing, and her cherry pink taut peaks begging to be nipped and suckled. He stifled a moan. Torture, pure torture.

“For the love of all that is holy, would you stop?” Drake could not hide the agony and need in his voice.

“I am certain,” Charles panted. “That Miss Kitty would not find a little two on one play distasteful.” With a look designed to tempt and tease, Kitty eyed Drake over her shoulder, held her breast up to her mouth and allowed her tongue to flick over the hardened nub. Charles pulled apart her ass cheeks, exposing her puckered hole for Drake.

A bead of sweat formed on Drake’s brow. His control neared breaking point, but still he couldn’t take his eyes from the couple. Would Georgetta be partial to two on one play? His cocked leaked pre-cum on seeing Charles wet his finger and rim Kitty’s anus. He slowly worked his finger in to the dark passage, Kitty groaned in sheer bliss, and her movements sped up.

“Enough!” Drake bellowed. “The two of you cease this instant.” Startled, Kitty shrieked and jumped off Charles’ lap. Charles reached for her, but she was gathering her clothes and heading for the door. Drake dropped into a chair by the fireplace. The weight of his brother’s stare forced him to look up.

“Do you take pleasure in what has transpired here this morning, brother?” Venom oozed from the lips of Charles.

“I take no pleasure in seeing you squander your life in this manner,” Drake sighed. “Nor do I take delight in seeing you abuse my home and reputation, for any would-by whore who, crosses your path.”

“Would-be whore! I make the assumption Kitty could not have been a whore this, six months hence, when you found her a delightful bed mate. On the contrary, I presume this honour has only been bestowed recently. Indeed since she has warmed my bed.” Charles glared at him, resentment etched on his face.

“Damn Charles, do you not see what is different? It has nought to do with whom you bed, but the manner in which you bed them. You practice no discretion. The whole of London speaks ill of your trysts, gambling and lost fortune. I, myself, am being tarred by the same brush.” Drake got up and paced in front of the fireplace.

“Since when do you have need of reputation?” Charles scoffed.

“Since, I seek to take myself a wife.” Drake snarled.

“A wife! Surely you jest?”

“Jest, I have never been so certain in my life. And you may have ruined the one prospect of worth, with all your high jinks. I require you packed and be gone before noon.” The colour drained from Charles’ face. He visibly stiffened. “And woe betide you if, you dawdle.”

“You cannot be so cruel, brother. No, I forbid you to regard me in this manner. Where will I go, for one and I have no money to speak of?”

“I know not where you go, for I have but one consideration to contend with, which is no concern of yours.” Drake had had enough. The soonest his brother left the better. “Father has mentioned these past months of your absence from Ridings. Mayhap you go there.”

“Ridings! You would have me banished to the country in the height of the season?”

“I would not have you banished, as you put it, Sir, but I merely proffered an option for your dilemma. Either way, I care not what you do.” Drake stalked to the door and looked over his shoulder. “Remember, noon and no later.”

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Drake's Downfall Chapter Two - Part One

Chapter Two

Sunlight streamed through the window, Georgetta winced and pulled the covers over her eyes. Last night she’d had very little sleep. She’d tossed and turned, even cried at the realisation of the truth. Drake had used her, but luckily someone had had the foresight to warn her.

“Now miss, it’s a beautiful morning and your mama and papa are waiting in the dining room for you.”

Georgetta let out a heavy sigh. “I am not hungry Tilly. Tell them I do not wish to be disturbed.”

“What ails you Miss, are you unwell? Do I need to get Mr Simpson to call for the doctor?” A note of concern crept into Tilly’s voice.

Unwell, of course she was unwell. Had not her heart been torn into a thousand shreds? She felt utterly foolish at the folly into which Drake had led her. She would never be able to hold her head up high in polite society again.

“There is nothing wrong, I am not hungry and wish to be left alone, is all.” Georgetta tried her hardest not to sound impatient. She let out a squeak as the bed covers were pulled away from her. “Tilly!”

“It is not a day for you to be idle in bed Miss. If there is nowt’ wrong, then you can get up and meet your mama and papa.”

“Tilly, you are no longer my Nurse Maid, and have no right to treat me in the manner.” Georgetta tried to wrestle the cover from Tilly’s hands.

“Mayhap you are right on that Miss, but I would not stand for this behaviour when you were a child and I will not do so now, either. Now, come along. Time is a wasting.” Tilly made one final tug on the bed clothes and they fell to the floor.

“See what you have done? The covers are on the floor and I am getting cold. I should speak to father of your impropriety. ” Georgetta pouted.

“I am sure you should, but I am convinced that your father would agree with me. You n’er pouted and sulked as a child, and five and twenty years is not a time to start.”

Georgetta flounced out of bed and stalked to the bathing room. “Does no one have any regard for me or my feelings anymore?”

“Of course we do Miss, but not when you act like a child.”

Georgetta wanted to scream. Instead she balled her hands into fists, and shut the door to the bathing room. Tilly had, mayhap, been given too many leeway over the years, but she did not have the heart to correct her manner. For Tilly had been kind and gentle with Georgetta as a child.

She had been her rock, especially during the long nights when she had cried herself to sleep after her brothers’ untimely demise. Her behaviour may not be that of a normal servant and in a lot of circles would be frowned upon, but Georgetta would not have it any other way.

Steam rose from the tub and suddenly the idea of sinking into its warm depths held great appeal. She removed her night gown and stepped into the warm water. Through no control of her own, tears crept up on her and stung her eyes. Angrily, she batted them away.

Her own stupidity and Lord Winston’s unscrupulous behaviour played about her mind. Never had she been so gullible before. Other men had flattered her, had been prepared to marry her, but all for her fortune and title and not for herself.

She had been no fool in this regard, so how had Lord Winston breached her defences? Her body shivered, despite the warm temperature of the water. His face played about her mind. Dark brown hair touching his collar, too long to be fashionable, gave ere to his appeal. Brown eyes encased in long lashes, gave way to high sculptured check bones. A woman would maim to possess features such as this.

Full lips and a strong jaw completed a perfect picture of a man, though his perpetual scowl, did give an air of the untouchable about him. His body - muscled with not an ounce of fat. This much she had learnt from their embrace last eve. Heat pooled in her belly and her breathe quickened. She shook her head to remove the image of him.

No, she needed to forget Lord Winston and all of his overtures and resign herself to facts. She would not find a husband, within her own station. A husband would only be found to elevate his standing. Her title and money were the only things that made her desirable to any man.

Mayhap there was a chance a man of lower station and calling, would suit. Georgetta sighed, but her father would never allow her to marry beneath her station, unless… She heard the click of the latch and ceased her mindful meanderings.

“Come Miss, your father grows impatient for your company.” Tilly stood holding out her gown.

Georgetta did not hurry to get ready. She spent the same time as she did everyday, not that it helped any, for she had not been graced with either the beauty of her mother or the handsomeness of her brother. If it had not been for the fervent assurances that she was her parents’ child, she would think that she’d be someone else’s daughter. She replaced the brush on the dresser and made for downstairs and her father.

“Good morning, Father, Mother.” Georgetta said and sat down.

“Good morning my dear, I trust you slept well.” Her mother enquired, while reaching for another sausage.

“Very well thank you.” She lied, but it would not aid the dilemma in anyway by involving her parents in her current dealings.

“Did you have a good time at the ball?” Georgetta did not miss her mother’s look to her father. Something was afoot and it left her decidedly on edge.

“The ball was amiable. No more.” She poured everything she had into keeping her voice level and devoid of emotion.

“Ah, did not Lord Winston attend?” Her mother asked.

“He did indeed attend, but that is no cause for the ball to be anything other than amiable.” Georgetta placed a piece of toast on her plate. It amused her to see her mother’s reaction, her actions further evidence of her parents’ expectations.

“Then it surely would have been a poor ball if not for his attendance.”

“You are mistaken mother. It would have been a highly enjoyable ball if he had not attended. Since he did attend it merely became amiable.” Georgetta gave off a nonchalant air in hopes her mother and father be fooled by her words.

“Then you have no inclination as to what is so urgent, he requests council with me this morning?” Her father voice held a quizzical note.

Georgetta’s stomach turned over. Drake was coming to visit her father that morning. Why? Quickly she chastised herself for her over emotional state and calmed her frayed nerves.

“I’m afraid I am at a loss as to why Lord Winston wishes to see you.”

“That is a shame, for your mother and I would have most fervently encouraged a union between yourself and Lord Winston.” She could not refrain from observing the crest fallen expressions on her father’s and mother’s faces.

She laid her napkin on the table and began to rise. “If you would both excuse me I must make ready for town.”

“Town! You cannot go to town. Lord Winston may require to speak with you.” Her mother’s voice rose an octave.

“I can be most assured that Lord Winston does not or will not wish to speak to me. Calm yourself mother.”

“Well, really.” Her mother muttered but not without Georgetta hearing her.

“You must recognise that your mother only has your happiness at heart.”

“I do father, I most assuredly do. Hence, it would not be right and proper to elevate mother’s hope of an alliance betwixt myself and Lord Winston, when none is forthcoming.”

“I understand my dear. Now, what is so important in town that you leave with such haste?”

Georgetta wanted to groan aloud. She had hoped to delay imparting her news to her father and mother for sometime, but now she feared that would not be the case. She took a large breathe to steady her nerves.

“I have decided to partake of Cousin Elizabeth’s offer of accompanying herself and her husband to America for the rest of the year. The ship sails within 6 weeks and I will barely have time to do all that is required before we leave.” Her heart hammered in her chest, her mother visibly paled and her father sat agape momentarily.

“Out of the question, I forbid you to go.” Her father’s face now coloured red with anger.

“You cannot forbid me father, I am a woman of means in my own right. I have property and money. I am of an age where I do not have to abide by your rules.” Georgetta felt her own anger rising. Her grandmother had left her homes and money to Georgetta not her mother on her passing. Her parents were in fact staying in her town house in London, not their own, this season. Their own home was currently in a state of disrepair and required remodelling, after an accidental fire in the downstairs library.

“It is highly improper for a young lady of your station to go gallivanting around the world, on her own.” Her father snorted.

“I will not be on my own father. I will be with Cousin Elizabeth and her husband.” Georgetta seated herself again in frustration. “Let us be frank, for you cannot accuse me of ever being less than clear. What hope do I have of securing a husband? I am five and twenty years. The pickings for woman of my age are slim at best, but I am no beauty and do not have the attributes required to secure a man of station, even if that station is below me.”

“Nonsense girl, I have proffered to find you a husband of worth and yet you rebuff me.” Georgetta winced as her father’s tone became highly elevated.

“I do not wish to be married to a man in that fashion. I would be pitied and laughed at. I would n’er know whether my husband be faithful to me or whether he had a mistress or an endless line of them. No Father. If I get married, I want it to be for mutual affection not because some man wishes to gain status from the union.”

“Poppycock! Such drivel! Very few get married for love.”

“Would you rather me be locked up in some mausoleum, year in year out, whilst my husband does whatever the devil he cares to do? I had hoped you thought more highly of me.” Anger suffused her body. Her father had shown his true colours this day, had he not? It would seem any man be better than no man, without little regard for herself.

“You do me a disservice, Georgetta.”

“I think not, Sir. I would rather be a spinster, than subservient to a man I do not love and does not love me in return.” Her shoulders squared, in preparation for further onslaught from her father.

“Your mother and I only want to see you happy and with husband. I’ll be damned if I am going to allow that snivelling idiot of a cousin to inherit the estate and my title, as you are not married and do not have a male heir.” Her father slumped a little in his chair and immediately Georgetta began to feel a little guilty at her obstinacy.

“Father, I do not wish to cause you and mama ill, therefore I feel we should not continue this subject, for I am as obstinate as you, Sir. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a great many errands, before I leave for the country.”

There could be no mistaking the errant sniffle from her mother.

“Pray how is Drake Winston to receive this news of your leaving for America. And then there the matter of your good name, there will be talk. It will ruin your poor mother. Scandal, I tell you, questions as to why you deemed it fit to run away, with not so much, as a by your leave to polite society.”

Her father attempts to have her stay were admirable, but surely if she were to stay then there would be naught left of her good name. For it would become virtually impossible to stem her feelings for Drake Winston. That she was certain, then where would her good name be then. In tatters, that’s where, along with her mother constitution.

For just the memory of his taut, muscular body pressed against her own, his hardened cock throbbing against the apex of her thighs, had her pussy weeping with a tortuous ache. She could barely keep from visiting Mr Winston and begging him to aid her in relief of this torment, but she could not, would not succumb to such wrenched behaviour.

“Let them talk Father, for if you are so certain of Lord Winston’s character, then his word as a gentleman should be adequate in quelling further rumour.”

“I happen he may not be so accommodating after being so slighted. There was an understanding between you, was there not?” Her father’s dander had well and truly risen, but she would not allow it to deter her.

“No Father, there was no understanding. If for any reason you have been informed of this, then I fear you have been gravely misinformed. I feel quite certain Lord Winston would wish me well on my impending adventure, if for no other reason then to quell foolish talk such as this. Now, Sir, I really must be about my business.”